If you’re looking for a dentist near Boston who can help you get the treatment you need, ARID can help

Not all dentists are created equal. If you are serious about receiving the best quality dental care available: visit a team of dental experts with a dedicated facility to ensure you receive the best care and the best results.

Your health, your self-confidence, your dentist

Taking care of your oral health can—and will—help with your overall health. Those who smile wide are often considered to be happy and more successful than people with a dull smile.

According to sociologists, this has some Darwinian connotations. People with a healthy, beautiful smile are perceived as taking better care of themselves, and so are more appealing to those around them.

Your dental health should not be taken lightly, and that’s why your dentist should be board-certified, and have everything on hand to ensure you receive the highest quality care and results.

Your dentist near Boston

Plenty of general dentists can help you with a check-up, scale and polish. But when it comes to ensuring your healthy teeth also look good, you should visit a specialist.

Specialist dentists have spent extra time at university studying their chosen field—whether that’s placing implants, cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics, a specialist will be able to provide you with a higher standard of treatment.

And that’s what it is all about: you receiving the best treatment for your health and for your peace of mind. Sure, some dentists can fix your problem, and they can do it cheaply—but will it look good?

The right treatment for you

Quality treatment isn’t just the materials used, but also how those materials are used. Too often, we see patients who have a dental crown when all they needed was a composite (white) filling. Or, were told they didn’t need any treatment at all, but after x-rays we have found serious issues which need addressing.

Keep in mind: not all dental problems can be seen above the gum line and not all problems can be solved by covering the tooth with a crown or veneer.

The key to quality dentistry is to first take care of your oral health; then making your healthy smile look good.

Why ARID is worth visiting if you live in Boston

So if you live half an hour away, why visit ARID instead of one of the other dozen dentists in Boston?

Our team of board-certified specialists can help you and your whole family with your every dental need. From a basic check-up, scale and polish through to dental surgery, we have you covered.

When you visit ARID Newton-Wellesley, we will ensure you receive the highest-quality dental care, and that you will be happy with the results.

Boston Dentist

Our aim is to help you maintain optimal oral health so you can more easily maintain good overall health. With our range of treatments, specialist staff and state-of-the-art facilities you can rest assured that visiting us will be the best decision you make for your dental health.

If you would like to know more about how ARID Newton-Wellesley can help you, or to request a consultation, please contact us today.

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