Get more smileage out of your life

Get more smileage out of your life with ARID Newton-Wellesley

Embarrassed about your smile? ARID’s dedicated team can help you get more smileage out of your life. Life’s too short not to feel good about yourself and your smile. Especially, with the wide range of cosmetic and restorative dentistry options available. Getting a beautiful, healthy smile has never been easier.…

Looking for a treatment to complement the appearance of your new smile?

Looking for a treatment to complement your new smile?

Injectables are an ideal way to complement your smile following cosmetic or smile makeover treatment. Traditionally when people say they are going to the dentist, it’s not common place to assume they will be receiving cosmetic injections as part of their treatment. (more…)

Achieve increased form and function with dental implants

dental implants boston ARID

Losing teeth can be an inevitable consequence of old age. However, sometimes a tooth can be lost through decay, poor health, or an unexpected accident and will often be dismissed, especially if it not visible. The loss of one or more teeth can lead to chewing problems, which can then…

Oral cancer; not just a risk for smokers

oral cancer symptoms

Oral cancer kills as many Americans as skin or cervical cancer, and is a rising issue among women, young people, and non-smokers. As many as 90% of head and neck cancers arise from prolonged exposure to specific factors. The use of tobacco (including cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco or snuff) and…

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