Looking for a treatment to complement your new smile?

Injectables are an ideal way to complement your smile following cosmetic or smile makeover treatment.

Traditionally when people say they are going to the dentist, it’s not common place to assume they will be receiving cosmetic injections as part of their treatment. There’s still some taboo around the topic of cosmetic injections; however, when used safely and consistently, they are an incredible way to complement cosmetic dental work.

Why receive injectables from your dentist?

There’s no better health care professional to trust with a facial injection than a dentist and plastic surgeons. Dentists are trained in facial injection techniques and have an abundance of knowledge about the shape and volumetric proportions of facial neuromuscular structures.

As well as being trained and having the necessary skill to deliver facial injections, dentists deliver more facial injectables on a daily basis than any other health care professional. When you undergo most other surgical procedures at a general hospital, you will be administered an injection from an anesthesiologist and then a surgeon will operate, whereas your dentist will do both.

How will a cosmetic injection complement your new smile?

Your teeth are just one area of your face, so why undergo extensive cosmetic dental work without paying attention to other areas of your appearance? Injectables such as Botox and Juvederm help to smooth out wrinkles, improve the appearance of crow’s feet and frown lines, and restore the appearance of the muscles around the mouth and jaw.

ARID Newton-Wellesley uses both Botox and Juvederm to treat areas of the face and both products have their own individual benefits. Your dentist can discuss with you the best option to suit your individual condition and help to develop a treatment plan.


Botox is a prescription medicine which can temporarily improve the appearance of moderate or severe facial lines and the number of units required will depend on your skin type and desired outcome. Botox is the most popular cosmetic injectable with more than 6 million treatments administered each year.

Botox is an incredibly effective solution for those wishing to temporarily improve the appearance of their facial features surrounding existing cosmetic dental work


Juvederm is the number one recommended facial filler, worldwide. It combines hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring sugar in your body) with water in your skin to restore fullness, smooth out lines, and reduce wrinkles. Juvederm has longer lasting effects than Botox and has minimal side effects and downtime.

Results from Juvederm can last up to two years depending on the type of treatment and the area treated.

Include injectables as part of your smile makeover treatment at ARID Netwon-Wellesley

Injectables are an incredibly effective way to complement your new smile, following a smile makeover treatment. Our experienced team of board-certified specialists at ARID Newton-Wellesley pride ourselves on creating individual treatments and delivering optimal results for our patients. We are proud to be part of the Westin, Newton-Wellesley community and are dedicated to serving the greater Boston community.

If you’re considering a smile makeover, or looking to receive injectables as part of your cosmetic dental treatment, download our FREE smile makeover guide today!

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