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At ARID Newton-Wellesley our team is made up of board certified specialists who are true experts in the field of dentistry. We will naturally make your teeth feel and function more healthily, and make you look more beautiful than ever.

Established in 2000, Advanced Reconstructive and Implant Dentistry (ARID) fully focuses on helping patients realize their dreams and articulate their concerns for improved oral health and appearance.

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Comprehensive Personalized Patient Care Is Our Strength

We are one of only a handful of dental clinics in Massachusetts to offer a full range of preventive oral medicine, cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, all performed by board certified specialists. Through this we enable our patients to find and receive the most suitable and advanced treatments to address their concerns.

Our Philosophy

Encouraging informative, open discussions, listening carefully to your concerns and desires in order to understand your needs, while taking a scientific approach in restoring your oral health function and its natural beauty.

Our Commitment

To ensure high quality dental care and personal attention using the latest proven science and technology for oral health and function; Creating healthy, beautiful smiles.

Our Goal

We will give you a reason to celebrate a true reflection of you.



Our team of specialists are both highly qualified and dedicated to bettering your oral health. Our team takes an interdisciplinary approach when servicing your smile, so you can be assured you’re receiving the highest quality of care.

Interdisciplinary Over Multidisciplinary

The specialty team at ARID Newton-Wellesley draws upon interdisciplinary knowledge rather than a multidisciplinary approach. In comparison to an interdisciplinary approach, a multidisciplinary team utilises knowledge and skills from individuals in different disciplines, who stay within their boundaries and approach the client from their perspective rather than as a whole. Most often, this practice involves separate consultations and appears to function as a ‘one-stop-shop’ process. However, ARID use an interdisciplinary approach, which, as the word suggests, seamlessly integrates separate disciplines into one.  Assessment, diagnosis, intervention methods are performed by a coordinated and coherent team, not individual departments. An interdisciplinary approach has some obvious advantages over multidisciplinary practices; the most obvious being its patient-centered approach and fluidity.

Ideals Of Great Teamwork

Our team believes good teamwork and success are founded by a good selection of team members, having a good team leader, the ability to be flexible when working in a team, personal commitment to the team and client, maturity to deal with difficult situations, incentives to further drive the team, institutional support, positive changes in the workplace, clarity of shared roles, constructive criticism, open communication, and sharing a common goal or vision. These properties are the lifeblood of our team, and furthermore, successes our treatments through fluent cohesion of team roles.

ARID Caring For You

We firmly believe in bettering your oral health with our synergistic approach, and we always have your best interests at heart.

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